Awareness of yourself and others. Balancing individual desires with collective well-being. These are some of the basic, but also the most difficult issues related to the functioning of housing estates.

BLOKI is an educational game about residential architecture from the Soviet era. It aims to make people aware of the important function of the colors of buildings, as well as to encourage reflection on the spaces around us. The game also allows you to signal your own needs related to the aesthetics and functioning of these estates while showing the consequences of their implementation.

The game was created as a result of the Open Call of the Relacje Online Festival, and its prototype version was presented at the festival exhibition in the XX1 gallery in Warsaw in 2022.


In BLOKI, it is important to build agreement and strengthen the existing dialog between various entities managing the estates. 

Finding a project partner with the necessary knowledge and the means to communicate with the residents of the estate was crucial. That’s when our search began for a housing cooperative that meets these criteria and is open to a dialog with us. 

The Służew nad Dolinką Housing Cooperative turned out to be the most interested in cooperation. The buildings and their surroundings, which comprise it, have been transferred to the digital version and form the foundation of the BLOKI game.

Community research played a crucial role in the development of BLOKI. It allowed us to understand the residents' needs, which translated into the game scenario based on the real challenges and advantages of this place. Players must confront real issues and test various solutions.

Through collaboration with the Służew nad Dolinką housing estate as well as consultations with experts, we gained the necessary knowledge to create the virtual part of the estate, enriched with facade design elements. 

The game's mechanisms and scenario are intended to show the player:
how significant the choice of color is in shaping the perception of architecture; 
as well as what solutions are used in the Służew nad Dolinką estate to enhance the residents' quality of life. 

We also want to discuss these topics with you during the workshops.



Using the example of the BLOKI game engage in meaningful discussionsHow do people imagine the renovation of their buildings? What do they find pleasing to the eye? What do they think about the environment and what are their expectations related to it?

Using the example of the BLOKI game  tell young people of the importance of color in architectureBLOKI will present residential buildings to children and teenagers from a different perspective, as elements of a calming background in space. We'll show you how to draw their attention to color and illustrate how it affects the environment.

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If you are interested in cooperation or want to take advantage of the interactive features of the BLOKI project game, please contact us using the form available here ↓


project Author Bartosz Seifert

publisher Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury

Coding Company Sky World Games

Mazowiecki  Instytut  Kultury

Mazowiecki  Instytut  Kultury

Mazowiecki  Instytut  Kultury

Mazowiecki  Instytut  Kultury