Download the game

See that big green button there on the side? You’re just one click away from starting your adventure with the BLOKI game. Please note that the download time of the installation file depends on the speed of your Internet connection. There's no use waiting any longer.



Install the Game

Currently the game available only for Windows.

A. Locate the folder, usually found in the "Downloads" folder.
B. Extract the folder
C. Open the extracted folder and double-click on the BLOKI.exe file.
D. If Windows displays a security warning, click "More info" and then "Run anyway."
E. If prompted to install DirectX, confirm the installation and follow the instructions. If there is no notification, the game should launch automatically.

Turn on and play

Start the adventure of transforming the estate! What’s waiting for you?

Expert Mode: follow the instructions of the estate moderator. Collect aesthetics, sustainability, and functionality points, and unlock new tools. There's lots of work ahead of you!

Free Mode: look after the buildings and their surroundings with all possible tools, without a limit of points.

All tricks allowed! However, the Free Mode variant is only available after passing Expert Mode.


Show off what you’ve created, share your vision!

We’re waiting for your unique masterpieces! Upload to Instagram with the hashtag #BLOKIgame or send us a message (on Instagram or using the form available here). Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire future players!


Mazowiecki  Instytut  Kultury

Mazowiecki  Instytut  Kultury

Mazowiecki  Instytut  Kultury

Mazowiecki  Instytut  Kultury